What's Inside

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    PDF Guides

    • How to Access Your Resources

    • Real Estate Farming Guide

    • Real Estate Branding Guide

    • How to Do A Comparative Market Analysis Guide

    • Real Estate Negotiation Strategies

    • How to Design Your Own Real Estate Postcard

    • 16 Strategies Personality Assessment Results

    • Real Estate Statistics Report

    • Real Estate Blogging SEO Strategy Guide [Marketing Calendar Bootcamp]

  • 2


    • Real Estate Email Templates

    • Post-Coronavirus Plan for Success

    • Real Estate Follow-up Email Templates

    • Client Review Solicitation Templates

    • Real Estate Marketing Plan Template

    • Goal Setting Worksheet

    • Defining Your Farming Area Worksheet

    • Real Estate Branding Worksheet

    • Open House Sign In Sheets

    • Lead Generation Plan Worksheet

    • The Marketing Calendar Template [Interactive]

    • Annual Sphere of Influence Calendar [Referral Bootcamp]

    • Referral Game Board [Referral Bootcamp]

    • Six Organic Social Media Post Templates

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    • Expired Listing Scripts & Objection Handlers

    • FSBO Scripts

    • Door Knocking Scripts

    • B2B Referral Script [Referral Bootcamp]

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    • Real Estate Ad Checklist

    • Listing Photography Preparation Checklist

    • Comparative Market Analysis Checklist

    • Property Marketing Checklist

    • Daily Social Media Activity Checklist

    • Open House Preparation Checklist

    • Buyer Agent Checklist #1: Mortgage Pre-approval

    • Buyer Agent Checklist #2: Successful House-hunting

    • Buyer Agent Checklist #3: Open House Attendance

    • Buyer Agent Checklist #4: Contract-to-close

    • Referral Memory Jogger [Referral Bootcamp]

    • Referral Monthly Tracker Checklist [Referral Bootcamp]

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    • NAR Presentation: How to Market Your Real Estate Business for $100 a Month

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    Coaching Calls

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - Save Time By Automating Your Marketing Tasks!

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - How to Anticipate and Overcome Emotional Seller Objections

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - Identify Your Sales Strategy Based On Your Personality

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - The Importance of Reviews

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - Overcoming Failure & Goal Setting

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - Converting FSBOs

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - Real Estate Branding

    • The Close Pro Call -- How to Stay Motivated

    • The Close Pro Call -- Business Plans For Realtors

    • The Close Pro Call -- Why do so many agents get stuck at 10 transactions a year?

    • The Close Pro Call -- How to break into the next price-tier of listings

    • The Close Pro Call -- Setting a Monthly Budget

    • The Close Pro Call -- Dealing With Negativity

    • The Close Pro Call -- The Hidden Indicators of Success (or Trouble) in Your Business

    • The Close Pro Call: Working with Financially Distressed Homeowners, Divorces, and Other Sticky Situations

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - Being a Partner to Your Client, Not a Servant

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call: The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Realtors

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - You’ve closed the sale, now what?

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - Recruiting, training, and managing ISAs

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call: Clients in Crisis: How to be Prepared, and How to Deal in the Moment

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call: Knowing When It’s Time to Move Up: Agent to Team Leader, Team Leader to Broker, Broker to Owner

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call: Zillow Flex

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call: New Year, New You: How to Get Work in a New Direction Off on the Right Foot

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - Real Estate Success By The Numbers

    • The Close Pro Interview - Beverly “The Conversion Queen” Ruffner

    • Close Pro Coaching Call - Handling Objections Like a Pro

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call: How to Build a Real Estate Business That Makes Money Even When You’re Away From Your Desk

    • The Close Pro Coaching Call - The Five Questions You Should Ask Every Broker Before Switching Brokerages

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    Connect: 4-Week Referral Bootcamp

    • Connect Referral Bootcamp Week 1 - Database Organization and the "I'm Sorry" Script

    • The "I'm Sorry" Referral Script [PDF]

    • Referral Game Board [PDF]

    • Connect Referral Bootcamp Week 2 - Relationship Marketing Calendar and Referral Script

    • The Connect Referral Script [PDF]

    • Relationship Marketing Calendar [PDF]

    • Connect Referral Bootcamp Week 3 - Referral Partners

    • Referral Memory Jogger [PDF]

    • Pop-By Script [PDF]

    • Connect Monthly Tracker [PDF]

    • Connect Referral Bootcamp Week 4 - Pulling It All Together

    • B2B Referral Scripts

    • Connect Monthly Referral Tracker

  • 8

    Marketing Calendar 6-Week Bootcamp

    • Marketing Calendar Bootcamp Week 1: Organic Social Media

    • The Marketing Calendar Template [Interactive]

    • Week 1 - Six Post Ideas for Organic Social Media

    • Week 3 - Real Estate Blogging SEO Strategy Guide

    • Week 2 - Social Media Interview with Expert and Broker, Jeff Lyons

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