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Start your week strong with our weekly Monday Kickoff Calls. We’ll provide a clear focus for you each week (topics ranging from mindset to marketing to lead generation) so you have an actionable way to improve your business each week. Need help overcoming a specific challenge? We’ll save time in each call for live Q&A with our experts Chris or Sean.
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We strive to deliver the best answer to your real estate questions. By focusing on this mission, we’ve quickly become the go-to real estate site for new and seasoned agents alike, driving hundreds of thousands of website visits each month.

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  • What's included in a Close Pro Membership?

    With a Close Pro Membership, you'll get access to our resource library, our courses Six Simple Systems to Transform Your Real Estate Business, Survive & Thrive with Sean Moudry, and all future courses, and a weekly invitation to our small group coaching calls.

  • Wait, so I get access to all of this content and future content?

    Yes! Our resource library is constantly being updated with new content for our Pro members, and active Pro members will get access to new courses when they're released.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    We offer a month-to-month plan that allows you to cancel without penalty anytime you want. If you cancel early, you can continue to enjoy our resources and courses until the end of the billing period. After that, you won't be charged unless you restart your subscription.

  • How do the coaching calls work?

    As a Close Pro Member, you'll get access to weekly coaching calls with our top real estate coaches. Our coaches will answer all of your questions, listen to your concerns, give feedback, and help guide you along your real estate journey.

  • Who is this membership for?

    New and seasoned agents alike! Our two current courses, Survive & Thrive and 6 Simple Systems to Transform Your Real Estate Business will help further the career of any agent, and our resource library is full of content all agents could use. Plus, our small group coaching calls allow you to guide the conversation so that regardless of where you are in your real estate career, you can get the guidance, advice and tools you need to get ahead.

  • Who can I contact for customer service?

    For questions or concerns, please email