Your instructor Sean Moudry will make you an agile and adaptable agent.

Sean is in the RE/Max Hall of Fame because he knows how to thrive no matter the market conditions. In this course, Sean will impart his 25+ years of real estate experience to you.

What You'll Learn

  • How to Help Distressed Homeowners

  • The Short Sale Process

  • How to Find and List Motivated Sellers

  • How to Represent Banks, Homebuilders, and Investors

  • BONUS: How to Position Yourself to Buy Undervalued Properties

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About Sean Moudry

Learn from the best:

  • 25+ Year Real Estate Veteran

  • 30 Under 30 Realtor Magazine

  • Former REO Agent

  • RE/MAX Hall of Fame

  • Real Estate Coach

Sean will make you a better agent.

But don't take our word for it...

Krista Murchison, Paso Robles, CA

“Sean pushes, he makes people accountable, he encourages us, he assists us with facing and conquering our fears.”

Jerimiah Taylor, CEO Keller Williams Del Mar, CA

“Thank you for the gift of your time and knowledge. You’ve literally changed the trajectory, single handedly, of our market center!”

Barb Bossi, Colorado Springs, CO

“Thankful for Sean’s refreshing message that I can be me and be successful stepping into that. So exciting that I will be able to specifically hone in on the sales strategies that will be most beneficial for me.”

Mike Turnquist, Atascadero, CA

“It was a pleasure learning from someone who walks the walk. Sean's attitude and passion are infectious.”

Rachel Glick, Boise, ID

“It has been your coaching, positivity, and tough love that has pushed me through some limiting beliefs that I had about myself. Your vulnerability and commitment to our success has helped me realize I can do much more.”

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Survive & Thrive

    • Intro

    • Recession 101

    • Get Your House In Order

    • Agent Budget Spreadsheet

    • Annual Marketing Plan

    • 7 Options For Distressed Homeowners

    • 7 Options for Distressed Homeowners Handout

    • How to Find Motivated Sellers

    • Seller Needs Analysis Questionnaire

    • Working With Attorneys

    • Business to Business Scripts & Objection Handlers

    • Banks, Homebuilders, and Investors Part 1

    • Banks, Homebuilders, and Investors Part 2

    • Banks, Homebuilders, and Investors Part 3

    • Short Sales 101 Part 1

    • Short Sale Seller Prequalification

    • Short Sale Package Checklist

    • Contract Terms

    • Short Sale 101 Part 2

  • 2


    • One-Minute Mindset Video 1

    • One-Minute Mindset Video 2

    • One-Minute Mindset Video 3

    • One-Minute Mindset Video 4

    • One-Minute Mindset Video 5

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Bonus Scripts

  • How to Talk To Distressed Homeowners

  • How to Talk to Motivated Investors

  • How to Talk to Bank Asset Managers

Your Instructor

Sean worked as CEO of a real estate market center where he grew profitability through the recession. In those conditions, Sean landed in the Top 10 in Keller Williams and #1 Commercial Market Center of 2011. Today Sean teaches Salespeople to sell to their strengths through his consulting company 16 Strategies. He's also the author of two books on Real Estate Investing,
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  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for the proactive real estate agents that are concerned that a shifting real estate market might affect their business. Successful agents anticipate the changes in the market and position their business for success.

  • What's included in this course?

    Everything you need to learn how to survive and thrive in a shifting real estate market, including 4+ hours of video and 9 additional downloads.

  • What is virtual coaching?

    Virtual coaching is coaching conducted over an online video call. In these virtual calls, our coaches will provide a clear focus for you each week (topics ranging from mindset to marketing to lead generation) so you have an actionable way to improve your business each week. Need help overcoming a specific challenge? We’ll save time in each call for live Q&A with our experts Chris or Sean.

  • Why did you create this course?

    This course was created to teach agents the techniques and strategies that work in a shifting real estate market. To coach agents to take control of their income and to continue to grow their business during a downturn.

  • What's included in The Close Pro Membership?

    With a Close Pro Membership, you'll get access to our resource library, our courses Six Simple Systems to Transform Your Real Estate Business, Survive & Thrive with Sean Moudry, and all future courses, and a weekly invitation to our small group coaching calls.

  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    We offer a month-to-month plan that allows you to cancel without penalty anytime you want. If you cancel early, you can continue to enjoy our resources and courses until the end of the billing period. After that, you won't be charged unless you restart your subscription.

  • Where can I go for customer service?

    For questions or concerns, please email [email protected].